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Serbia’s Royal Couple “In Love” With Bermuda

HRH Crown Prince Alexander II and HRH Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia recently vacationed in Bermuda, and the couple had high words of praise for the island, saying that they “fell in love” with Bermuda and that arriving here is like “arriving in another world.”

The couple has visited the island before, and are staying at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess, the historical harbourfront hotel named after Princess Louise who visited Bermuda in 1883, calling the hotel’s owner Peter Green a “dear friend” of theirs.

“We are delighted to welcome such distinguished guests to the hotel,” says Allan Federer, general manager of The Fairmont Hamilton Princess. “Crown Prince Alexander and his wife are incredibly warm people and one or two of our guests have enjoyed meeting them over breakfast or as they move about the hotel.

“I understand that they are having a lovely time on the island.”

The Crown Prince said, “We’ve always liked coming here, visiting them, and also I like diving here – I haven’t done any diving this time – but Bermuda’s been so hospitable to both of us.

When asked how he had discovered Bermuda for the first time, the Crown Prince first joked that he found it on the map, but then said, “I think that we discovered Bermuda very much thanks to Sir David and Lady Lully Gibbons.”

HRH Crown Prince Alexander II and HRH Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia visit Bermuda, August 25 2014-2

“We had met many years ago and they said, ‘you’ve got to come visit Bermuda. So we came here and we fell in love with Bermuda immediately, it’s great.”

The Crown Princess said, “There’s something about Bermuda. I cannot exactly tell you what it is; every time I come, I think I’ll find the secret….I can’t.

“There’s something about this place that gives you a good feeling. First of all, the people are very hospitable, they’re happy to see you.”

“It’s a beautiful, beautiful island. And the location; let’s say from New York – you just come. But you arrive here and you think you’re on another planet, another world.”

While replicating the Bermuda experience of a royal couple is no small undertaking, the island’s raw beauty and full repertoire of opportunities to enjoy beautiful accommodations, fine dining, some of the world’s greatest golfing opportunities, unique pink sand beaches unlike those found anywhere else in the world, and so much more makes for a perfect start.

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