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It’s incredible that an island that is only 21 miles long can boast such a diverse range of food and restaurants. It truly is a foodie’s paradise.

There are more than 150 restaurants catering for all tastes and budgets, in every conceivable location from beach fronts, street cafes and luxury dining establishments.

One of its eateries is 350 years old, others are very modern, and some take advantage of Bermuda’s history, using space once used by the British Navy.

The nationalities represented are truly diverse, coming from all corners of the world: Indian, North American, French, Italian, British, Jamaican, Japanese and, of course, Bermudian.

Who can come to the island without eating the local catch [you usually see the fishermen on the side of roads selling their freshly caught fish, or you will see them delivering huge tunas to the restaurants] or the Fish Chowder.

Every place has their own ‘secret’ recipe for chowder, and you might be surprised sometimes to see where it is made, but if you come to Bermuda make sure you find time for it. It is delicious.

Bermuda is a paradise island. Your taste buds might just be in for a visit to paradise too.

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