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Video: Aerial View Of Royal Naval Dockyard

Nothing beats a look at Bermuda’s Royal Naval Dockyard in person, but this piece of aerial cinematography, produced by US-based TheViewAbove VA, does the visitor-friendly area of Bermuda justice as well.

Focusing on the Grandeur of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean International cruise ship, as it sits at port in Dockyard, the video gives viewers a look at King’s Wharf, a common docking area for visiting cruise ships, before the view pans out over the streets to reveal cars and pedestrians going about their business.

Besides the docked ships themselves, viewers are treated to a look at the island’s architecture, foliage, and beautiful blue waters, before returning to focus on the cruise ship.

Even a view from above can’t match the beauty that visitors can expect to see when they dock in our port; to learn more about the sights, sounds, shopping, and dining opportunities that Royal Naval Dockyard has to offer, click here.



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