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Bermuda Beaches

Bermuda is known for many things, but perhaps none more so than our famous pink sand beaches surrounded by crystal clear waters.

A result of tiny organisms known as foraminifera, combined with the billions of particles of broken coral and shells that have become part of the landscape itself, these pink beaches are a major draw for those looking to take in natural beauty even as they enjoy the sun and surf.

Being a subtropical island, Bermuda has many beautiful beaches to choose from, with some offering services such as active life guards, diving, snorkeling, and even food and beverages. Here is a look at some of the island’s many beaches and what they have to offer you on your next visit

Achilles Bay Beach, St George’s

Achilles-Bay-Beach-Bermuda R

Straddling the east end of the island and shaped like the heel of a foot, Achilles Bay offers a secluded small beach experience, as well as easy access to the adjacent Fort St. Catherine, giving you access to all of the sand, surf, and history that you can handle, not to mention the quaint and historic Town of St. George.

St George’s Parish
Not located near a main bus route, within walking distance of Town of St George

Admiralty House, Pembroke Parish

Admiralty House Park Bermuda-002

Located in Pembroke, this beach is one of the most popular summer spots for Bermudians, especially the young children who you will often see jumping off the nearby cliffs. You will have to walk through a park to get to the beach, and the walk back from the beach is up a hilly route, so be prepared to get some exercise! It is not located near any major hotels and set away from most other beaches.

Located approximately 2 miles from the City of Hamilton
Spanish Point
Pembroke Parish
Bus route #4 [City of Hamilton to Spanish Point] has a stop just outside the gate

Astwood Cove & Park, Warwick Parish

Astwood Park Bermuda

If you’re looking for a little excitement with your ocean dip, Astwood Cove and Park offers a rocky shoreline that experienced swimmers will love, though its strong currents should serve as a deterrent to any amateurs and it isn’t the ideal location to take kids to.

If tackling these more difficult swimming conditions isn’t on your Bermuda to-do list, take the time instead to stroll around the beautiful park; the perfect place for a picnic or a casual walk, and you may even catch a wedding ceremony, with Astwood Park a popular spot for weddings.

South Road
Warwick Parish
Located on bus route #7 [Between Dockyard and the City of Hamilton]

Church Bay, Southampton

Church Bay Beach Bermuda

Known for its easy access to coral reef and the abundance of life that it supports, the pink sand beaches of Church Bay in Southampton Parish give way to just the kind of subtropical waters that marine life lovers will appreciate. Snorkeling gear is available to rent on-site during the summer months via Church Bay Beach Rentals – all you need to bring is your sense of adventure.

South Road
Southampton Parish
Located on bus route #7 [Between Dockyard and the City of Hamilton]

Clearwater Beach, St David’s

Clearwater Beach Bermuda R

Formerly belonging to an airport, the land at Clearwater Beach and Park of St. David’s Island was claimed in 1941 for use as an American military base, before finally being reclaimed once more in 1996 – this time as a public area. Now, the area plays host to to beaches, cycling and rollerblading trails, a playground for children, and much more.

Near Cooper’s Island Road
St Davids

Horseshoe Bay Beach, Southampton

Horseshoe Bay Beach Bermuda

Horseshoe Bay Beach is the perfect family destination for those groups hosting people of a range of ages, and offers a concession stand with snacks and drinks. It is one of Bermuda’s most well-known and popular beaches — which depending on your viewpoint might be good or bad. If you love people watching it’s the perfect beach for you, but if you are looking for a quiet time you may want to head to a different beach as Horseshoe is known to be very popular during the summer.

South Road
Located on bus route #7 [Between Dockyard and the City of Hamilton]

Click here to check out a 360° photosphere taken at Horseshoe Bay Beach

Jobson’s Cove

r Jobsons Cove Bay Beach Bermuda

Considered one of Bermuda’s most photographic areas, Jobson’s Cove in Warwick Parish is a sheltered beach that offers visitors a truly picturesque place to swim, play, and relax in relative peace and quiet – just be sure that you bring your camera along, because this isn’t a place that you’re going to want to forget!

South Road
Warwick Parish
Located on bus route #7 [Between Dockyard and the City of Hamilton]

John Smith’s Bay, Smith’s Parish

John Smiths Bay Beach Bermuda

Named after Captain John Smith, an explorer who first produced a map of Bermuda in 1631, John Smith’s Bay in Smith’s Parish is set away from most the other beaches in Bermuda. Popular among locals, the shallow waters make a great place for kids to splash and play.

Smith’s Parish
Located on bus routes #1 or #3
Click here to check out a 360° photosphere taken at John Smith’s Bay

Shelly Bay Beach, Hamilton Parish

shelly bay beach bermuda

One of the most family-friendly beaches on the island, Shelly Bay Beach provides a very long stretch of warm, shallow water, making it the perfect place for children to enjoy the beach while parents relax in the sand.

Named after Henry Shelly, one of the crew members of the “Sea Venture” ship which wrecked off Bermuda’s shores in 1609 leading to the island’s settlement, the beach is extremely popular with families with young children.

55 North Shore Road
Hamilton Parish
Situated about halfway between the City of Hamilton and St George’s
Located on bus routes #10 and #11
Click here to check out a 360° photosphere taken of Shelly Bay Beach

Snorkel Park Beach, Dockyard


One of the most active and exciting beaches that Bermuda has to offer, the Dockyard’s Snorkel Park Beach is a hub of activity all year round. Besides playing host to swimmers along its beautiful shoreline, you’ll also find jet ski rentals, kayaking adventures, snorkeling groups, guided tours of the island, and much more, with Hammerhead’s Bar and Grill and the Club SPB on site in order to provide a different kind of excitement after the sun goes down. This is the only beach in Bermuda with an entrance fee.

7 Maritime Lane
Dockyard, MA01
Within walking distance of the cruise terminals in Dockyard
Tel. 441-234-3100
Email: info@snorkelparkbeach.com
Admission starts from $5
Official website
Located on bus routes #7 and #8
Also accessible by ferry, with the blue and orange routes stopping in Dockyard

Somerset Long Bay, Sandys Parish

Somerset Long Bay Beach Bermuda
One of the more secluded Bermuda beaches, Somerset Long Bay is located at the western end of the island in Sandys Parish. The water remains quite shallow for up to about 100 yards into the sea, making it an ideal location for small children.

One of the closest public beaches to the Royal Naval Dockyard and the cruise ship terminals, the beach is located right next to the Somerset Long Bay Nature Reserve, offering a view of Bermuda’s natural beauty.

Sandys Parish
Located near bus routes #7 and #8

Warwick Long Bay, Warwick

Warwick Long Bay Bermuda

Long Bay Beach at Warwick Bay is another favourite spot for vacationers and Bermudians alike, providing an extensive beach that framed by steep cliffs and groves of Bay Grape and Cedar trees. The landscape allows for some privacy when you’re just looking to relax, while snorkel rentals and the endless subtropical waters have something in store for those looking for some adventure.

South Road
Warwick Parish
Located on bus route #7 [Between Dockyard and the City of Hamilton]

West Whale Bay, Southampton

Bermuda beach gnp

West Whale Bay in Southampton Parish is aptly named for the schools of humpback whales that are sometimes spotted during their annual migration past the area in March and April. Even when those majestic creatures are unavailable though, there is still lots of wildlife to take in; this beach offers one of the few spots where coral reefs are easily accessible by casual swimmers when the tide is sufficiently low.

South Road
Southampton Parish
Located on bus route #7 [Between Dockyard and the City of Hamilton]



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