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A Look At Bermuda’s Best Fish Sandwiches

The Bermuda Tourism Authority recently held a contest to determine Bermuda’s best fish sandwich, with the resulting entries offering a long, delicious look at one of the island’s most tasty snacks.

Fish sandwiches are a very popular dish with Bermudians, and if you were to ask 10 people on the island which restaurant serves the best fish sandwich, you would likely get 10 different answers!

Forty of the island’s eateries entered the contest and of those 40 entrants, five emerged as the top vote-getters; Rosa’s, Mama Angie’s, Seaside Grill, Tribe Road Kitchen, and Woody’s, with Rosa’s — which is located on Front Street in Hamilton — laying claim to the title of best fish sandwich in Bermuda.

With the contest behind us, we take a look at some of the delectable fish sandwich offerings presented as part of the uniquely Bermudian competition:

Barracuda Grill in Hamilton

Barracuda Grill Bermuda, August 2015-3

Beach House at Blackbeard in St. George’s

Beach House at Blackbeard Bermuda, August 2015-3

Bermuda Bistro at the Beach in Hamilton

Bermuda Bistro at the Beach, August 2015-2

Bonefish Bar Grill in Dockyard

Bonefish Bar & Grill Bermuda, August 2015-3

Breezes Restaurant Cambridge Beaches in Sandys

Breezes Restaurant Cambridge Beaches Bermuda, August 2015-2

Cabana Bar Grill in Southampton

Cabana Bar & Grill Bermuda, August 2015-3

Docksiders Pub Restaurant in Hamilton

Docksiders Pub & Restaurant Bermuda, August 2015-3

Flanagans Irish Pub Outback in Hamilton

Flanagan's Irish Pub & Outback Bermuda, August 2015-4

Freeport Seafood Restaurant in Dockyard

Freeport Seafood Restaurant Bermuda, August 2015-3

Frog & Onion Pub in Dockyard

Frog & Onion Pub Bermuda, August 2015-1

Grannies Kitchen in Pembroke

Grannie's Kitchen Bermuda, August 2015-1

Hog Penny in Hamilton

Hog Penny Bermuda, August 2015-3

Jamaican Grill in Hamilton

Jamaican Grill Bermuda, August 2015-4

Jasmine Lounge in Southampton

Jasmine Lounge Bermuda, August 2015-1

Mama Angie’s in St. George’s

Mama Angie's Bermuda, August 2015-3

Muse in Hamilton

Muse Bermuda, August 2015-4

Pickled Onion in Hamilton

Pickled Onion Bermuda, August 2015-2

Red Steakhouse in Hamilton

Red Steakhouse Bermuda, August 2015-1

Rosa’s in Hamilton

Rosa's Bermuda, August 2015-2

Seaside Grill in Devonshire

Seaside Grill Bermuda, August 2015-1

Speciality Inn in Smiths

Speciality Inn Bermuda, August 2015-4

Swizzle Inn Pub & Restaurant Baileys Bay in Hamilton Parish

Swizzle Inn Pub & Restaurant Bailey's Bay Bermuda, August 2015-1

Tempest Bistro in St. George’s

Tempest Bistro Bermuda, August 2015-1

The Flame in Devonshire

The Flame Bermuda, August 2015-2

The Newport, a Gastropub in Southampton

The Newport, a Gastropub Bermuda, August 2015-4

Victoria Grill in Hamilton

Victoria Grill Bermuda, August 2015-4

Wickets Burger Bar in Southampton

Wickets Burger Bar Bermuda, August 2015-2

Woodys Restaurant in Sandys

Woody's Restaurant Bermuda, August 2015-5



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