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Video: Aerial View Of Bermuda’s Beaches

Seeing Bermuda in person is an unbeatable experience, and no photograph or video can really do it justice, but this overhead look at the island’s Horseshoe Bay Beach and Warwick Long Bay Beach does its very best!

Created by US-based TheViewAbove VA, the video follows up on another overhead effort that gave viewers a look at the goings on at Royal Naval Dockyard, a popular docking destination for incoming cruise ships.

Set against a backdrop of upbeat music, the video shows off not only the beaches themselves, highlighting their pink sands, but also surrounding areas, capturing rock formations, foliage, waters, and more.

The island’s natural scenery serves as the star of the video, but a variety of people also make an appearance, from casual beach-goers to daring rock jumpers, providing a sweeping impression of the many ways to enjoy Bermuda’s unique geography – its many pink sand beaches top among them.

Besides offering beautiful scenery, the island’s beaches are also a gateway to activities such as scuba diving and boating and watersports. To learn more about Bermuda’s beautiful beaches, click here.



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