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Hamilton Princess Creates Chocolate Cave


As part of their Valentine’s Day celebration, Marcus’, the flagship restaurant of Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, created a decadent ‘Chocolate Cave’ using some 200lbs of chocolate.

A spokesperson previously said, “From the evening of Valentine’s Day on Friday, February 14 through to the Champagne Brunch on February 16, guests will be able to enjoy a decadent, chocoholic’s dream: the restaurant’s private dining room will be transformed into a Chocolate Cave.

“Created by the team at Marcus’, led by Head Chef Danai Hongwanishkul and Executive Pastry Chef, John Hauser, the cave will take 200lbs of chocolate to create and will be luxuriously decorated to create a unique space.

“In the cave, diners will be able to treat themselves to an enormous range of chocolate desserts, from mousses to cakes and truffles to a chocolate fountain.”