While nothing can equal a firsthand look at Bermuda’s raw beauty, a new video that aims to provide viewers with a look at the island’s unique landscape ranks a close second, with its footage showcasing a wide variety of stunning sights.

The video highlights the island itself, providing a two minute look at some of Bermuda’s most attractive geophysical features, including pink sand beaches, clear ocean waters, and more, allowing each feature to be explored in vivid detail.

Panning over a series of the island’s most beautiful destinations, including Shelly Bay, Astwood Park, Flatt’s, Hamilton Harbour, the Aquarium, the Causeway, Warwick Long Bay, Cooper’s Island, Horseshoe Bay, Devonshire Bay, and Elbow Beach, the video treats viewers to sights of rugged shorelines, rolling waves, and even marine life.

For more information on Bermuda’s parks, gardens, and nature, click here. To learn about our extensive cave system – one of the greatest concentrations of caves in the world, containing more endemic species than any other Bermudian habitat – click here.



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