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Photos: Bermuda Triple Crown Fishing Boats

The Bermuda Triple Crown Fishing Tournament recently took place, with teams on 15 boats fishing for a total purse of more than $240,000.

The tournament was comprised of three events; the Bermuda Billfish Blast, Bermuda Big Game Classic, and the Sea Horse Anglers Club Billfish Tournament.

The event website said, “The 2020 Bermuda Triple Crown Billfish Championship features nine fishing days over three tournaments including the Billfish Blast, Big Game Classic, and Sea Horse Anglers Club tournaments. This year’s teams enjoyed calm seas, sunny skies, and a very safe environment.

“The series was very competitive among the 15 boats that fished for a total purse of more than $240,000, plus trophies and prizes. Anglers caught 73 billfish, including 69 blues and 4 whites. The Bermuda Triple Crown has a strong following of Bermuda based and traveling teams from the United States competing every year.

“Team Auspicious started strong placing second in the Billfish Blast scoring three blue marlin releases. They follow up by dominating the Big Game Classic scoring four blue marlin releases to win the tournament and lead the Triple Crown.

“The Sea Horse tournament was very competitive with the challengers eating into their lead. But the consistency of Auspicious overcame all with the team releasing five additional blue marlin placing second in the Sea Horse scoring a total of 6,000 points in the Triple Crown from 12 blue marlin releases.

“Captain Edward “Cookie” Murray did a fantastic job navigating the 80-foot Viking Auspicious through the series to win for owner Joe Rahman, mate Carl Copeland and teammates Kevin Stafford, Lynda Murray, Amy Laird and David Soares.

“The team will receive the coveted Vanmark Champion rings, Bodo Muche studios bronze sculpture, Garmin Quatix watches, Yeti Cooler, Release Marine Custom Trophy, AFTCO Champions apparel, Steve Goione Artwork, Grundens Boots, Big-T Lures and King Sailfish Mounts trophies.”



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