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“Charles Bites Leroy” During Helmet Dive

Showcasing not only the wonders of Bermuda’s lush undersea exploration opportunities, but also a less than polite action from a fish, a video shared online by Hartley’s Bermuda shows a fish named Charles rather impolitely declining to share the dining opportunity.

The video’s description says, “Jealousy is an emotion most often observed in mammals, but here it is exhibited by fish. Charles is not concerned with collateral damage. All the food is his. He does not wish to share.”

In operation for more than 50 years, Hartley’s Helmet Diving offers the opportunity to experience Bermuda’s waters in a unique way; by simply wearing an air-tight helmet, participants can explore the island’s shallow waters in order to casually browse golden coral, fish, and other forms of marine life and activity with a clear view.

For more information about Hartley’s Bermuda, visit the website.



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