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New British TV Series Features Character From Bermuda


A new British television series —  titled Sister Boniface Mysteries — has just been released and features a character named Sergeant Felix Livingstone who is said to be from “Hamilton, Bermuda.”

Sergeant Livingstone is played by Nigerian/Irish actor Jerry Iwu, and the Bermudian character in the TV series speaks with a somewhat indefinable accent.

The TV Insider website said, “She’s a groovy gal in 1960s England. She drives a Vespa, has a lab where she makes wine and tests forensic evidence. She even turned down a job offer from MI5. Her outfit of choice? A Catholic nun’s habit.

Sergeant Felix Livingstone is second from the left

“Meet the quirky title character of Sister Boniface Mysteries, played by actress and comedian Lorna Watson. The amusing new series, which debuts on BritBox February 8 with 10 episodes, follows the spirited sister as she helps the police catch killers in the appropriately named community of Great Slaughter, a small town with a large body count.”

“Sister Boniface’s crime-solving colleagues include a pair of forward-thinking detectives, Inspector Sam Gillespie [Max Brown] and Sergeant Felix Livingstone [Jerry Iwu], who arrives in Great Slaughter from Bermuda due to a clerical mix-up. ”

The review on the Catholic News Service website said, “The duo becomes a trio when a visiting detective from Bermuda, Felix Livingstone [Jerry Iwu] is thrown into the mix. An administrative error by Scotland Yard strands him in Great Slaughter, where he is both bemused and bewildered by Sister Boniface’s unorthodox crime-solving methods.”