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UK TV Series To Feature Bermuda Police & Coast Guard

A British Broadcasting Corporation [BBC] series is getting set to feature the Bermuda Police Service [BPS] and the Royal Bermuda Regiment [RBR] Coastguard, with filming getting underway last week.

A police spokesperson said, “Earlier this year, a TV producer from Spun Gold Productions, a TV production company from the UK known for its documentary series on policing, hospitals, and fire services, as well as inside looks at the Royal Family, visited Bermuda to scope out the possibility of making a British Broadcasting Corporation daytime TV series tentatively titled ‘Policing Paradise.’

“The British Broadcasting Corporation have now agreed to the filming of a 15 episode series following the work of the Bermuda Police Service and its officers, as well as the Royal Bermuda Regiment Coastguard.

“Film crews arrived in Bermuda at the end of last week and, working alongside the Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] as well as local production company Method Media Bermuda, began following BPS officers as they attended calls for service this past weekend.

“The UK crews will continue to work alongside BPS officers for the next seven weeks, in the lead up to Cup Match. They will be mainly filming feel good stories involving our officers and their daily lives policing Bermuda.

“This TV programme is designed to show Bermuda, the BPS, and the RBR Coastguard in a good light, while encouraging UK citizens to consider visiting the island.

“All footage will be thoroughly reviewed by the BPS Senior Leadership Team before being released for inclusion in the series. Likewise, all proposed episodes will be vetted by the BPS before release for broadcast.”

Assistant Commissioner of Police Martin Weekes said, “We encourage the public to help make the film crew welcome while they are here, as they are here to show Bermuda in a positive light.”



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