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NatGeo Explores The Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda is well-known for many things, our unbeatable climate and pink sand beaches chief among them, but it’s the island’s association with the infamous Bermuda Triangle that often comes to people’s minds first.

The mystery of the Triangle is as alluring today as it always has been, and investigations into the validity of the claims made about it have been conducted over and over again, but National Geographic recently took their own novel approach to to Atlantic Ocean’s most feared region, virtually draining the waters surrounding Bermuda in order to learn more about the landscape beneath the legendary waters.

The makers of the special, titled “Drain the Bermuda Triangle,” used sonar in order to pierce the ocean surface and reveal the Bermuda Triangle from the ground up.

The special’s official synopsis says,  “National Geographic Channel explores the Bermuda Triangle’s ominous reputation by draining the water from it to see what exactly lies below the surface of the mythical triangle. With the aid of data from sophisticated sonar surveys, see what the ocean floor looks like below the Bermuda Triangle.”

bermuda triangle map on globe

The special is partially set in Bermuda itself, with local company LookBermuda serving as the on-island production company handling local logistics, and Bermuda’s Custodian of Historic Wrecks Dr. Philippe Rouja and the Curator of the Bermuda Natural History Museum Dr. Struan Smith both featured in the film.

The special opens with the narrator saying, “December 1945: A squadron of U.S. navy planes vanishes off Florida’s coast. March 1918: A huge U.S. navy cargo ship en route to Baltimore is lost without a trace.

“Over the years, many more ships and planes disappear within a 450,000 square mile zone of open ocean. A source of intrigue, legend, and fear. This is the Bermuda Triangle.

“Now, using new technology, we can strip away the water layer by layer and unveil a hidden landscape. We’ll drain the Bermuda Triangle, working our way deeper and deeper to explore its darkest corners, tackling some of the Triangle’s greatest mysteries. When the water is fully drained, what will we find at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle?

“Bermuda, an island oasis 650 miles off the east coast of the United States. For centuries, it’s been a refuge for Atlantic shipping, but the island’s waters conceal a deadly threat,” added the narrator.

“Bermuda’s name comes to strike fear into the hearts of sailors and earns a reputation as the Isle of Devils.”

To learn more about the many shipwrecks surrounding Bermuda, click here. To learn more about diving in Bermuda’s waters, often with the opportunity to see shipwrecks first-hand, click here.



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