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New Commemorative Stamps Feature Bermuda Sandcastles

The Bermuda Post Office issued its second commemorative stamp release of the year, featuring the Bermuda Sandcastle Competition.

A Government spokesperson said, “Founded almost 30 years ago by Nicky Gurret, the mainstay beach competition is held annually at Horseshoe Bay on Labour Day weekend.

“In 2017 Hannah Emmerson, a long-time contestant and previous winner took over the competition, and Ms. Emmerson has spent the last four years showcasing Bermuda’s beaches with weekly builds across the island. The featured stamps depict a variety of intricate, creative sand sculptures which have delighted residents and visitors over the years.”

Minister for the Cabinet Office Wayne Furbert said, “The Philatelic Bureau of the Bermuda Post Office is very pleased to present a new commemorative stamp issue, ‘Sand Sculptures’. Ms. Emmerson has turned a fun activity into an art form, one which has been appreciated particularly during this time of social restrictions resulting from the pandemic.

“Each sculpture can take anywhere from four to six hours to create, depending on size and detail. In addition to building, Ms Emmerson loves conducting workshops which allow her to share her artistic talents with children and adults alike. And she also showcases her sand sculptures at weddings, birthday parties and other social events. So, we are very pleased to highlight this unique and engaging activity which has been such a staple in our community for many decades.”

The new stamps are available starting tomorrow, August 19, 2021. Prices are $4.55 for the set of stamps and $6.50 for the First Day Cover. Orders may be pre-paid for collection or mailed on the day of issue at the Bermuda Post Office or any of the sub-post offices.”



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