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Bermuda’s Land & Water Taxis

Taxis in Bermuda offer an easy way to get around, and they can always be found waiting for passengers in front of the airport, major hotels, and on the streets. In addition to land taxis, Bermuda also boasts a water taxi service which offers a unique water to transit the island.

Getting into a taxi in Bermuda can be rather like having your own personal chauffeur, and the island’s taxi drivers usually come blessed with a hefty dose of old fashioned Bermuda friendliness and hospitality.

Often attired in our world famous Bermuda shorts, taxi drivers generally have a fantastic knowledge about the island and can take you to those places that tourists don’t traditionally go – but which can be some of the best places to visit whether it’s for its beauty or traditional Bermudian food.

Need a cab? Here are a few of the main taxi companies on the island.

Bermuda Island Taxi

52 North Street
Pembroke Parish
Telephone: 441-295-4141
Email: its@cwbda.bm
Official Website

BTA (Dispatching) Ltd.

No. 3 Cahow Way, L.F. Wade International Airport
St George’s Parish
Telephone: 441-296-2121
Telephone (Alternate): 441 337 1775
Email: info@taxibermuda.bm
Official Website

Bermuda Water Taxi

P.O. Box SB113
Somerset Bridge, SBBX
Telephone: 441-535-5555

Premierco-op Transportation

1 Crow Lane
Telephone: 441-824-7000
Email: support@premierco-op.com
Official Website



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