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Bermuda Shown On NatGeo’s “Unseen Islands”

Given its unique history, stunning beauty, and eclectic mix of people, it is no surprise that the island recently made an appearance on the National Geographic television series ‘Unseen Islands.’

The appearance follows a recent National Geographic special focusing on the legend of the Bermuda Triangle.

Noting that Bermuda has an “amazing story to tell,” the episode centres around Britain’s Overseas Territories, which the promo said “are home to parrot fish, bright blue lizards and crabs that are big enough to eat coconuts.”

The promo goes on to note, “There are few unexplored areas left, but these unseen islands offer an extraordinary look into lost worlds. Many of the Caribbean Islands were created by volcanoes which destroy everything in their path but also bring new life.”

In introducing the segment on Bermuda, the narrator says, “Our next stop lies in the vastness of the Atlantic. It’s the oldest of all the UK Overseas Territories: the island of Bermuda.

“The English settled here in 1612, so the main island is developed from shore to shore. It’s teeming with people, but Bermuda has an amazing story to tell – perhaps the most surprising story in the whole of the Caribbean.”

This television feature comes not long after Bermuda was included in National Geographic Traveler magazine’s annual Best of the World list, which highlights 20 “must-see places” to visit around the world.

For more information on Bermuda’s many attractions, please click here to learn about our beaches, click here to learn about our unique underground caves, or click here for an overview of the many sights and sounds that the island has to offer.



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