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29 Abandoned Boats To Be Removed From Bermuda’s Waters

In a bid to enhance the safety and cleanliness of Bermuda’s waterways, the Government is advising the public that 29 abandoned and derelict boats – located in areas including Ely’s Harbour, Mill’s Creek, Riddell’s Bay, Lagoon Park, Spanish Point, Mullet Bay and more – will be “removed and discarded.”

The government previously announced that to “the Ministry of Transport, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the Department of Marine and Ports Services advise the public that a joint programme between the Government and Keep Bermuda Beautiful [KBB] under an MOU signed by the Minister of Transport will remove and dispose of twenty-nine [29] abandoned and derelict boats from our waters.

“A Government Notice to remove 29 abandoned and derelict vessels – owners unknown – will render them Government-owned from the 17th of February 2024. After that time, marine contractors will remove them under contract to KBB.

“Due to a lack of identifying features, Government officers have been unable to locate or contact the owners of many of these abandoned and derelict boats. However, owners of these boats have 30 days from the 17th of January 2024 to remove their vessel from its current location and relocate it to a site that adheres to the provisions of the Merchant Shipping Act 2002, the Marine Board Act 1962, the Marine & Ports Authority [Dumping] Regulations 1967 or any other law of Bermuda.”

The initiative to remove abandoned boats has been ongoing for some time, with over 50 boats removed so far; KBB previously stated that they have “identified more than 100 abandoned vessels on moorings, on the seafloor, along coastlines and in our bays.”



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