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Video: Bermuda Featured On Sailing Project Atticus

Bermuda has been featured on the YouTube channel Sailing Project Atticus in episode two of its seventh season, with “Everything is Better in Bermuda” being shared with its 244,000 subscribers.

The video’s description says, “Any good thing is made better when it requires effort. Food is better when you cook it, relationships are better when you work on them, adventures are better when they are difficult. On the Island of Bermuda there is a small subculture of people, for whom the colors are brighter, the laughter is louder, and the food and drinks taste so much better.

“These are the sailors who choose to travel to this distant outpost the hard way. And all though it is far from anything, Bermuda is a crossroads where Sailors from all over the Atlantic come together to share in their hard won revelry.



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