A trip through the crystal clear waters of Bermuda’s southeastern shoreline reveals not only the beautiful scenery that you’d expect from our island, but also a series of islands and islets that lie across Castle Harbour.

The rugged islets surrounding it making for unbeatable viewing pleasure that gracefully encompasses both the past and the present, as Castle Island plays host to the ruins of a small fort that is over 400 years old, with the stone fortification believed to be the oldest standing English fortification in the New World.

For a taste of beautiful ocean scenery and the various wildlife that our waters play host to, renting a boat and taking a trip to many of the smaller islands within Bermuda is a wonderful way to spend a day.

Bermuda boasts a number of watersports and boating opportunities, so whether your goal is sightseeing, fishing, or just a lazy day on the water, click here to learn more.



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