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1909 Ad Offers $40 Inclusive Bermuda Cruise


Remember the stories that your parents used to tell about prices so low that you could barely imagine them?

Taking inflation out of the equation – because it ruins all of the fun if we don’t – it really is a great joy to close your eyes and picture the days of five cent bottles of soda, brand new cars at a few hundred dollars, and other items that had cost a very small fraction of what they do today.

Assuming you enjoy that imaginative endeavor and have taken a cruise sometime in the past 10 years, you’re sure to enjoy this ad from the Bermuda-Atlantic S.S. Company offering a Bermudian cruise for a mere $40:


Promising Bermuda to be “a paradise on earth,” the 1909 ad raves about the island’s lush foliage and warm seas, while throwing in a guarantee of sporting events to make the trip even more interesting. Providing an added bang for your buck is the fact that your $40 includes stateroom, berth, and all meals.

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