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Video: JJ Adventures Highlight Bermuda Trip

JJ Adventures — the travel and adventure YouTube channel run by two married nurses, John and Justine — brings its 12,0000 followers to Bermuda with a recently uploaded video chronicling their July visit to the island.

The American couple, whose sense of wanderlust is matched only by their passion for photography and ideography, have endeavoured to capture “all the beautiful landscapes we see everywhere we go. We aim to show the variety of activities and sightseeing experiences available in each destination we set foot in.”

Since setting up their YouTube channel in 2015, they have uploaded professional quality videos of their trips to Polynesia, Mexico, the Bahamas and other destinations which have drawn millions of online viewers.

“About a month ago, my wife and I took a short trip to Bermuda to celebrate our third wedding anniversary,” John said of the July visit.” We initially thought that Bermuda is yet another tropical destination, but what we saw and experienced was beyond our expectations.

“The island gave us a homey feel due to its distinctive blend of American and British cultures. We circled the island via a super convenient Twizy [electric two-seat vehicle]. After experiencing this island’s beauty for a week, we cannot wait to come back!”



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