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Ten Videos: Trailers Of Ocean Vet TV Series

The Ocean Vet TV series – which highlights Bermuda’s marine life – has been released on Vimeo On Demand, giving viewers the ability to rent or purchase the series, in full or via individual episodes, with the series able to be streamed online or downloaded for later viewing on any device.

The release of the Ocean Vet TV series comes just after the second anniversary of Dr Neil Burnie’s passing and marks an important and emotional milestone for the team.

Choy Aming, who was a close friend of Dr Burnie’s and serves as the series’ Marine Biologist, said, “Neil wanted everyone to watch Ocean Vet, it was his dream to provide a window into the underwater world so Ocean Vet on Vimeo on Demand helps to achieve this.

“Neil believed wholeheartedly that experiencing and learning about the ocean develops an appreciation for it, an appreciation that often leads to an increased desire to protect it and conserve it.

“Ocean Vet is a unique TV series all about Bermuda’s marine ecosystems and its fascinating marine species. It’s also a wonderful keepsake to remember a man who dedicated so much of his life to the protection of many animals and creatures on our island.”

You can watch the trailers below for the episodes, and you can watch the full series here via Vimeo On Demand. The entire Ocean Vet series is available to rent for $9.99 or you can purchase the series for $16.50. You can also rent one episode at a time for $0.99, or you can purchase one at a time for $1.5

General Trailer: Ocean Vet TV Series

Episode Trailer: Ocean Vet Team Save Galapagos Shark

Episode Trailer: Ocean Vet Humpback Whales

Episode Trailer: Ocean Vet Sargasso Sea Expedition

Episode Trailer: Ocean Vet Night Sharks

Episode Trailer: Ocean Vet Sixgill Shark

Episode Trailer: Ocean Vet Black Grouper

Episode Trailer: Ocean Vet Spotted Eagle Rays

Episode Trailer: Ocean Vet Sea Turtle

Episode Trailer: Ocean Vet Tiger Sharks



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