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Marina Seabin To Help Keep Waters Clean


The crystal clear waters surrounding Bermuda will soon see an extra tool deployed in the fight against ocean trash, with the Bank of Butterfield joining the Seabin Global Pilot Program, and set to install the pre-series V5 Hybrid Seabin at the marina at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club.

The Seabin is a ‘floating trash can’ placed at marinas, docks, yacht clubs and commercial ports around the world as a part solution to the current global littering problem.

Water is syphoned in from the surface and passes through the natural fibre catch bag inside the Seabin. The water is pumped back into the marina leaving litter and debris trapped in the catch bag to be disposed of properly.

The first Butterfield-sponsored installation of Seabin technology in Bermuda will coincide with the start of the 35th America’s Cup, being held this summer.

The Princess Marina at Hamilton Princess & Beach Club will be contributing space in their new marina facility, which is an ideal location for installation of the pre-series Seabin and will be one of 10 locations globally to have the pre-series V5 Hybrid Seabin installed.

During the test period of three months, experience and feedback including data from the debris collected will be gathered from the exclusive group, before the commercial sales of the Seabins commence mid-year.

As a Global Pilot Partner, Butterfield will additionally introduce the Seabin Project’s education and research programs in Bermuda to increase awareness of the problem of plastics in the ocean among the island’s youth.

As Butterfield operates primarily from island jurisdictions, including Bermuda, the Bank has a great appreciation for the marine environment and supports initiatives that will assist with the preservation and improvement of island and maritime ecosystems.

Pete Ceglinski Managing Director and Co-Founder of Seabin Project, said: “The team and I at Seabin Project are extremely excited to announce this dynamic partnership.

“With Butterfield being the Official Bermuda Bank and providing sponsorship for the 35th America’s Cup, and partnering with Seabin Project at Hamilton Princess & Beach Club as the selected location, it will have a huge impact on the ocean plastics problem we are addressing with the Seabin technology.

“The fact they will be rolling out the tech, education and research programs to some of their other locations around the world is nothing short of amazing.”