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Lili Bermuda & Princess Create New “Island Rose” Perfume

Two of Bermuda’s iconic and historic brands have come together in a perfect marriage of place and time. The Hamilton Princess & Beach Club have collaborated with Master Perfumer Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone of Lili Bermuda in their quest to create a fragrance which reflects the legacy of Bermuda’s famous hotel – a property which has evolved through more than a century of Bermuda’s tourism iterations.

The Harkness Hamilton Princess Rose, which blooms around the harbour front property, was the source of inspiration in creating the new fragrance. Mrs. Ramsay-Brackstone was entranced by the perfume of the rose, which she describes as “powerful, quite citrusy, with a dash of raspberry fruit, and also capturing the smell of the wind entering Hamilton Harbour.”

The fragrance which emerged from this unique collaboration is Island Rose. Mrs. Ramsay-Brackstone explained, “We wanted the rose to reflect nuances, colours and textures of Bermuda and to be true to the Harkness Rose which adorned the gardens of the hotel.”

She depicts the fragrance as “an ethereal rose – fruity, but not sweet, fresh and effervescent, with a lovely iris and woody dry down. Island Rose is a fragrance which reflects the affluent and mystical persona that is Bermuda.”
Island Rose debuts this week, and is available at Lili Bermuda Boutique in St. George’s, at Hamilton Princess & Beach Club’s Pink Cabana store, the National Museum of Bermuda, the 59 Front store and online at www.lilibermuda.com. The fragrance can be shipped worldwide from Bermuda.

Hamilton Princess & Beach Club and Lili Bermuda are two venerated Bermuda brands established at the forefront of the tourism era – the Hamilton Princess Hotel first welcomed guests in 1885. Lili Bermuda was established in 1928 in Bailey’s Bay by a father and daughter duo. Despite international acclaim and rising demand, Lili Bermuda fragrances are available exclusively in Bermuda. The sparse availability of Lili Bermuda fragrances has remained consistent through its 90-year history. Lili Bermuda’s discriminating clientele is faithful to the romantic stories told in each carefully handcrafted bottle of fragrance made on our Island paradise.



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