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Life Well Cruised Features Bermuda

YouTube channel Life Well Cruised has shared a video with its more than 71,000 subscribers detailing activities available to cruisers when they arrive in Bermuda.

The video, which focuses on 10 possible excursions, highlights the island’s beaches, crystal caves, Harbour Nights, dining opportunities, Dockyard, the National Museum of Bermuda, and more.

The video description says, “If you’re going on a cruise to Bermuda, this video is a must-watch! You’ll find our the best things to do in Bermuda on a cruise, as well as the best places to see, what to eat, and more. Bermuda is amazing – here are the best Bermuda excursions & things you must know!

“In this video we go over what to do in Bermuda near the cruise ship in Dockyard, the pink sand beaches including Horseshoe Bay Beach, how to get to the best places to see, like Crystal Caves and Hamilton. Plus, I’ll share the cruise travel tips we’ve learned after cruising to Bermuda several times.

“This Bermuda travel guide will be useful for Norwegian cruises to Bermuda, Carnival cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean & all Bermuda cruises.”



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