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Jomeko Mallory Earns Red Seal Culinary Certification

A ceremony was recently held recognizing Jomeko Mallory for completing the Culinary Arts Apprenticeship and achieving the Red Seal certification.

A Government spokesperson said, “Earlier today, the Minister of Economy and Labour, Hon. Jason Hayward, participated in the Culinary Arts Apprenticeship award ceremony, held at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, recognising Jomeko Mallory for completing the training and obtaining Red Seal certification.

Minister Hayward said, “I am delighted to be here tonight at this award presentation recognising the achievement of Jomeko Mallory for completing the Culinary Arts Apprenticeship.

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“I want to begin by thanking the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, which, in partnership with the Department of Workforce Development, delivered the Culinary Arts Apprenticeship, which included the Red Seal Culinary Arts certification.

“The Red Seal certification demonstrates an individual has developed the knowledge and practical skills required in the hospitality industry. This industry-driven training programme develops and enforces the standards and exams for the Red Seal trades. Individuals passing the Red Seal exam receive a Red Seal endorsement as proof that they have met the national standard in their trade.

“Red Seal certification, becoming the international requirement for many in the culinary arts field, ensures Bermudians have the latest skill sets required for a broad range of supervisory leadership and management positions.

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“This apprenticeship allowed Jomeko to train at the Fairmont Southampton and Hamilton Princess Hotel alongside some of the most experienced chefs in Bermuda’s hospitality industry. His five-year apprenticeship experience and qualification as a Red Seal-certified chef now provide access, exposure, and employment in the broader restaurant and hospitality industry.

“As the Minister responsible for labour, it is always encouraging to witness Bermudians achieving success and have the opportunity to offer my congratulations.

“And so, Jameko, I am happy to be among the first to congratulate you on achieving your goals. With your success, you have become a role model for others to follow in your footsteps.

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“I also want to recognise and thank the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club team, including the General Manager Tim Morrison and the Director of Learning, Dr Georgette Prime-Godwin, for partnering with the Department of Workforce Development’s training team and for their shared commitment to ensuring Jomeko’s success.

“As is the ultimate goal of any apprenticeship, I am pleased to announce that as a direct result of this apprenticeship training partnership, Jomeko was offered full-time employment and is currently a chef at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club.

“This apprenticeship training partnership is a testament to the government’s commitment and investment to advance Bermuda’s Youth Employment Strategy to ensure young people receive the relevant training and work experience critical to future success as they pursue their personal and career goals.”



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