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Hamilton Princess Featured In Vanity Fair

Hamilton Princess & Beach Club have been featured in the UK’s Vanity Fair magazine, in the glamourous ‘Hollywood’ issue – one of the publications most popular editions, year on year.

The four page spread, also available online, was penned by the publication’s Travel Editor, Michelle Jana Chan and features photos taken by local photographer, Nhuri Bashir, of Burnt House Productions.

The article highlights the incredible collection of modern art available for public consumption at the Hamilton Princess and features an interview with the hotel’s owners, the Green family.

The journalist noted in particular the density of the collection – going so far as to joke that the hotel is running out of room – and the lack of barriers between the public and the art. Chan also recently featured the island and the hotel in a piece for The Telegraph, a UK national newspaper.

“The printed Vanity Fair magazine has a readership of 165,000 people in the UK and the online article is on VanityFair.com, where it will have a global audience of 3.2 million unique visitors per month and up to 25.8 million global impressions,” a spokesperson said.

Nhuri Bashir of Burnt House Productions, said: “When I was approached by Vanity Fair to photograph the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club’s art collection I was both excited and a little intimidated: the publication has such prestige and history.

“It is a privilege to be featured in Vanity Fair, showcasing some of the best of Bermuda, and to create some beautiful imagery while learning so much about some of the art greats. Like so many people, I hadn’t realised just how vast the collection of incredible art on the hotel’s walls was and it was easy to be inspired by some of my favourite artists, such as Julian Opie and Yoshitomo Nara.”

Tim Morrison, General Manager at Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, said: “We are ecstatic to have Hamilton Princess & Beach Club featured in one of the world’s most famous magazines. As the world slowly recovers from the pandemic and people begin to daydream about the holidays the future holds, we think this places Bermuda at the forefront of people’s imaginations.

“We take enormous pride in the hotel’s extraordinary collection of modern art and this piece in Vanity Fair is a wonderful reminder for us to really appreciate what we have available to us to see on island. We hope that members of the public who stop by the hotel, whether it’s for Crown & Anchor, The Duchess, Exhale Spa – or even a staycation! – take a moment to immerse themselves in the art, too.”

To capitalise on interest from art aficionados, the hotel has launched a special, art focused package for guests. The Escape Artist package offers guests a private art tour, art themed amenities and access to all of the island’s museums.



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