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Over 2,500 People Take Part In 2024 Convex End-To-End

The 2024 Convex End-to-End, featuring 2,578 participants, highlighted its success in surpassing fundraising expectations and emphasizes its commitment to sustainability initiatives for future events.

A spokesperson said, “The Convex End-to-End took place on Saturday, April 27th with 2,578 individuals participating. This year’s End-to-End surpassed expectations in funds raised, with an announcement on the total impact expected in June once all donations have been received.”

Anne Mello, End-to-End Board Chair, said “The organizing team extends heartfelt gratitude to participants, volunteers, and sponsors for their unwavering support in making the 2024 event a remarkable success. The Bermuda End-to-End once again demonstrated the island’s spirit of camaraderie and commitment to philanthropy. Through the collective efforts of participants, volunteers, and sponsors, the event raised significant funds for several deserving charities and community initiatives. Together, we continue to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need and the well-being of our Bermuda community.”

The spokesperson said, “This year’s selected beneficiaries include WindReach, Transformational Living Centre [TLC], Raleigh International, Coalition for the Protection of Children, Action on Alzheimer’s & Dementia, Horticultural Skills Programme and St. John’s Ambulance.

“In addition to supporting these vital causes, the Bermuda End-to-End acknowledges valuable feedback received regarding trash along the event route.”

Ms Mello said, “As a steward of the Railway Trail we are highly conscious of minimizing our environmental impact. Each year we prioritize effective waste management plans and provide guidance for the event’s water-stops to be eco-friendly. The Parks Department and Skills Development teams provide diligent post-event cleanup efforts and there are always opportunities to do more to ensure our island’s natural beauty is preserved. Looking ahead to 2025, we are committed to implementing proactive measures to reduce waste and eliminate the potential for littering. We will be working closely with Keep Bermuda Beautiful [KBB] and the Department of Waste Management to develop a more comprehensive waste management strategy that will include an increased number of trash and recycling bins along the route; robust support for water stop sponsors to minimize the amount of trash generated at these locations; and improved communications with all stakeholders to encourage responsible participation in the event’s waste management plan.”

Traci Burgess, Executive Director for Keep Bermuda Beautiful, said “KBB has a long-standing relationship with the End-To-End organisers and we appreciate their commitment to minimise the environmental impact of this large annual event. It is important to focus on reducing waste by eliminating the potential for littering, including minimising single-use plastic, and recycling TAG materials to ensure a cleaner, greener more beautiful Bermuda. KBB is already consulting with the Bermuda End-To-End to identify areas to tackle, and we look forward to supporting the event’s sustainability goals for 2025 and beyond.”



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