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Bermuda’s Annual Dive Month Returns For April 2023

Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] announces the return of Dive Month. Driven by the success of the inaugural year in 2022, BTA has again partnered with the island’s skilled and qualified dive industry to bring awareness to Bermuda’s waters. As becoming a greener destination is a key focus identified in the National Tourism Plan, promoting the island’s clean and healthy ocean environment, through initiatives such as Dive Month, is another opportunity to support the growth of eco-tourism and inspire travel to the island.

This year’s Dive Month will encompass several events, including a Community Day. A free event which will be held at the Spanish Point Boat Club on April 16th.

Attendees can expect to mix and mingle with divers, industry professionals, and experts and discover what diving in Bermuda is all about.

“For April, we are encouraging visitors and our local community to walk beyond our pink sands and plunge into our crystal blue waters to experience our island from a new vantage point,” said Tashae Thompson, VP of Experiences, Bermuda Tourism Authority. “Our island houses over 350 shipwrecks, home to thousands of ecosystems. With Bermuda being one of the few destinations to have rare 175 feet of underwater visibility during April, we are a prime location for curious and experienced divers to visit for picturesque ocean exploration.”

Throughout April 2023, BTA will highlight the fantastic world under the water by celebrating Bermuda’s oceans and encouraging their exploration. During the month, people can expect to learn more about Bermuda’s reefs and underwater life, take advantage of discount programmes to become dive certified and explore other ways to get involved with Bermuda’s dive community.

The Bermuda Tourism Authority has partnered with three diving businesses to offer a special rate of $99 for their dive experiences:

Freediving Bermuda

Freediving Bermuda is run by two free-spirited Bermudians who love to be in and under the water. Before starting the business, Adam and Seb would spend most of their free time on the water looking for new wrecks and reefs to freediving.

In April, Freediving Bermuda will provide a four-hour Introduction to a freediving experience. Customers will travel by boat to two dive sites while learning the basics and safe practice of strong breath hold.

For more information or to book your session, email: freedivingbermuda@gmail.com.

SeaVenture Diving

SeaVenture Diving is one of Bermuda’s newest dive companies. With safe and sustainable practices at the core of their business, they offer guided scuba dives from shore and by boat, scuba courses, snorkelling tours, and educational activities.

For Dive Month SeaVenture Diving invites guests to try the SDI Scuba Discovery Course*. Save 40% off the regular price and get a SeaVenture diving T-shirt once you have completed the course!

The SDI Scuba Discovery Course is for those considering a PADI certification but first looking to test the waters. Participants can expect to learn skills like equalising their ears, buddy checks, essential buoyancy control, underwater communication, and more. This experience includes a short online course, an introduction to essential scuba equipment and how it works, and a short in-water lesson on a few underwater skills before exploring Bermuda’s beautiful coral reefs.

For more information or to book your session, email: info@seaventurediving.com.

EcoDive Bermuda

EcoDive Bermuda is a business and educational centre that offers recreational and technical diving courses and sustainable diving gear.

For April, EcoDive offers a 3–4-hour dive experience tailored to beginner divers. The ‘Try Scuba Diving Experience’ will introduce essential scuba equipment and an underwater tour in an aquatic environment.

Equipment will be provided, and no experience is needed.

Additionally, for experienced divers only, EcoDive offers a special price of $199 for a 3–4-hour side-mount diving experience. An open-water diving certification is needed.

For more information or to book your session email: info@ecodivebda.com

To get more information about Dive Month and a list of all the associated event visit GoToBermuda.com.

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