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Drone Captures Aerial Footage Of Bermuda

An aerial footage compilation that highlights Bermuda as being “beautiful and amazing” offers a stunning look at the island, highlighting everything from our crystal clear waters to our unique architecture.

Posted on Vimeo by ‘Ashh Monster,’ the video’s description provides a number of insights into the island and its people, saying, “Fun facts About Bermuda:

“Bermuda is not part of the Caribbean.

“Bermudians are incredibly nice.

“As a tourist, you cannot rent a car, but you can rent a motorbike or a Twizzy.

“They drive on the left side of the road.

“It’s the most expensive place in the world to live.

“Chickens! Due to hurricanes destroying many of the chicken coops, a lot of chickens have escaped. Now, they’re roaming the island free as a bird. Pun intended.

“White rooftops. You will immediately notice everyone has a white roof. This is part of their water collecting system. And yes, the water is safe to drink.

“People love to drink on da rock!

“Bermuda beverages on the island are the ‘Rum Swizzle’ and ‘Dark n’ Stormy’.

“If you love history, you will love Bermuda. Make sure to check out all the forts and The National Museum of Bermuda.”



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