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Video: Bermuda Mentioned During SpaceX Launch


Bermuda has been congratulated on its role in successfully supporting Saturday’s historic launch of two NASA astronauts into orbit onboard a SpaceX rocket from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center, by the Space and Satellite Policy Advisory Panel.

The panel, an advocacy group established in June 2018 by Deputy Premier and Minister of Home Affairs the Hon. Walter Roban JP, MP which consists of local and international specialists in space and satellite related industries, noted that the May 30th 2020 launch continued a tradition of Bermuda playing a key role in important space missions.

“This remarkable achievement would not have been possible without Bermuda’s launch tracking support from Cooper’s Island, a fact which should make all Bermudians proud. It is perhaps fitting that Saturday’s launch was initiated from the same launchpad as the Apollo missions, which Bermuda also played a key role in supporting. The SpaceX launch – a high-profile example of how Bermuda is enabling the future of space – draws attention to Bermuda’s capabilities and helps to build Bermuda’s credibility as a leading space jurisdiction.”

Photo courtesy of NASA

In acknowledging the congratulatory correspondence from the Space and Satellite Policy Advisory Panel, Minister Roban reiterated Bermuda’s role in the space industry, including future opportunities for Bermudians.

“Bermuda is used by other countries for earth station locations – these are essentially observation and monitoring points for rocket launches. As a result, Bermuda’s position is critical for some launches, like those that are responsible for sending supplies for re-stocking the International Space Station. Both NASA from the U.S. and the European Space Agency [ESA] use Bermuda for earth stations. At the moment, in order for these launches to happen, their technicians have to come to Bermuda. However, we are embarking on a program of training Bermudian technicians to be able to assist with launch monitoring and observation in the future. By having local technicians at the ready, Bermuda can offer a broader range of services going forward.”