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U.S. Couple Returns For 50th Anniversary


After beginning their marriage with a Bermuda honeymoon in 1966, New York couple Carol and George Teasdale recently returned to the island in order to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, allowing Bermuda to once again serve as a backdrop to their happiness.

During the couple’s visit, Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] Chief Product and Experiences Development Officer Pat Phillip-Fairn presented Mr. and Mrs. Teasdale with a commemorative plaque in order to mark the occasion.

The couple arrived this week on the Anthem of Seas cruise ship, completing their fifth visit by sea, in addition to their nine visits to Bermuda by air, making for 14 visits to the island in total over the years.

The Teasdales also visited in June of this year with their children in order to celebrate Mr Teasdale’s 72nd birthday; this past summer, they stayed at Grotto Bay Beach Resort, and over the years have been guests at establishments including Pompano Beach Club, Bermudiana, and Club Med.

“Our team at the BTA is having a lot of success attracting younger travellers, but even with more youthful age groups we will always have a special place in our hearts for repeat visitors like the Teasdales,” said the BTA’s Pat Phillip-Fairn.