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New! Bermuda Cup Match Website


With a rich and proud history stemming back over a century, Cup Match is an iconic holiday in Bermuda that serves to celebrate both Emancipation Day and the newly named Mary Prince Day, and while the official Classic has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the spirit and meaning of Cup Match endures.

In order to help people celebrate the holiday in a pandemic friendly social distancing style, Bernews has launched a new website at BernewsCupMatch.com, featuring a 200+ page collection of Cup Match footage, fun, and history for fans in Bermuda and around the world.

Covered in glorious detail through more than 100 videos, almost 2,000 photos, an array of free social media covers and phone wallpapers, and an emphasis on the rich and vital history of our unique holiday celebrating emancipation, this site aims to be a thorough resource on the Cup Match holiday.

You can also test your Cup Match knowledge with an online quiz, and for dedicated team fans, we have a Somerset Cup Match quiz and a St George’s Cup Match quiz.

Click here to visit the new Bermuda Cup Match website.