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Bermuda Preparing For Hurricane Humberto


Bermuda is battening down the hatches today in preparation for Hurricane Humberto.

Upgraded to a Category 2 storm with maximum sustained winds of 100 mph and higher gusts, the storm is moving on east-northeast track which is currently forecast to bring it within 90 miles of the island on Wednesday evening,

The island is in a heightened state of readiness for the approaching hurricane, with the Emergency Measures Organisation activated and keeping close tabs on the storm’s track.

The Bermuda Police Service, the Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service and other emergency responders are on full alert.

And 120 Bermuda Regiment troops are due to be mobilised on Wednesday evening in the event it needs to be deployed to assist getting the island back on its feet as necessary.

Bermudians have been stocking up on have been stocking up on essential supplies in recent days in the event Humberto does strike the island.

Many householders and business owners have been busy today putting up storm shutters and storing loose objects. For regular updates on Humberto’s path and strength, go to Bernews.com.