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Bermuda In Top 5% In Per Capita Vaccinations & Testing Worldwide

While Bermuda, like everywhere else has not been immune to the negative impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, the island is doing its best to manage it, and is currently ranked in the top 5% of nations and territories as far as both vaccinations and testing per capita.

The island has done more than 180,000 total Covid-19 tests, and while that does include testing of visitors and multiple tests per person in many cases, the total figure is almost three times our population size.

Bermuda — which has an estimated population of around 64,000 as of the last census — has administered over 27,000 vaccines in total so far.

As of this writing, Bermuda is currently ranked 10th per capita for vaccination doses on the FT chart, however they are using data from March 3rd, and if one uses the latest vaccine data from March 10th [27K total vs 23K total] the island is actually 7th per capita.

Most world charts include the almost 200 sovereign countries and then a number of territories like Bermuda, so when looking at world statistics on a per capita basis incorporating both countries and territories, the island ranks in the top 5% of both vaccines and testing.

The Government makes both testing and vaccinations available to all residents at no cost.

While testing is widely available to all, the vaccinations are being offered in a phased approach, and as of now, the vaccines are available to people including those over 50 years old, people with medical conditions, certain essential workers, students returning to school abroad and more.

The island is using the two dose Pfizer vaccine, with Bermuda — and all the British Overseas Territories — receiving vaccines from the United Kingdom.

In order to stem the spread, there is an island-wide mask mandate, and other regulations in place such as a 12 midnight to 5.00am curfew.

For in-depth coverage of Bermuda’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, visit BermudaCovid.com.




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