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Video: Today Show Features The Bermuda Triangle


NBC’s Today Show featured a segment on the Bermuda Triangle, with the crew visiting the island and speaking with Bermuda’s Dr. Phillipe Rouja, who joked that the purported supernatural element of the Triangle is “the oldest fake news story in the world.”

The video’s description says, “The Bermuda Triangle, stretching some 500,000 square miles from Bermuda to Florida to Puerto Rico, and its tales of sunken ships and downed planes have long been a source of fascination. So are supernatural sources at play, or can science explain it all? NBC’s Kerry Sanders investigates for TODAY.”

Closing out the segment, when asked whether she thought the supernatural stories about the Bermuda Triangle were fact or fiction, one of the NBC hosts replying by joking that, “I’d like to go to Bermuda and find out,” while another suggested a “long fact finding trip” was needed.