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Regina King ‘Saves’ Gabrielle Union In Bermuda


Appearing on the ABC television programme Good Morning America earlier this month, actress Regina King recounted the time a few years ago she ‘saved’ her fellow actress Gabrielle Union from drowning in Bermuda, while the pair were out snorkeling and encountered a jellyfish.

Good Morning America showed the Gabrielle Union tweet below on the broadcast, which said “Regina King is a national treasure & should have every offer available. She can literally do/play anything. She also once saved me from drowning in Bermuda. She’s legit a superhero everyday.”

The hosts cited the tweet, and asked Ms King to expand, and in recounting the story, Ms King said that after she and Gabrielle Union finished the Black Girls Rock event, “we went to Bermuda for a Lionel Richie concert and we were snorkeling.”

“We snorkeled out to an area that we probably shouldn’t have been,” she said. “And we saw a jellyfish and she was kind of out there and she was like, ‘Oh my God, Jellyfish.’ So I kind of jumped off the rock that I was on and we just swam back together.”

Ms King said that Ms Union “tells that story all the time, she said, ‘A lot of actresses would have let me go,” with Ms King joking that some actresses would be like “Ooh, I see a job coming.”

In 2007, singer Lionel Richie performed in Bermuda, and both Regina King and Gabrielle Union attended the Bermuda Music Festival.