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Dockyard Time & Tide Clocks To Be Restored


Time will be restored at the Royal Naval Dockyard in a $200,000 restoration project at one of the most recognisable landmarks in Bermuda.

The electrical mechanisms of the clocks at Clocktower were put in 30 years ago and have worn out. One shows the time and the other the high tide time, and both are going to be restored.

Andrew Dias, general manager of the West End Development Corporation, said: “The motors of that period 30 years ago have to be replaced and the hands and dials also need to be replaced.

“The northern tower contained a single dial and one hand to show the time of High Tide but these also have to be replaced and an automatic clock controller will operate the settings of the hand.”

According to Mr Dias, it is the latest in a long list of investments WEDCo is making in the Royal Naval Dockyard, including a $900,000 renovation of the Glassworks building, a $500,000 make-over of the Sail Loft and $1m on the North Basin building.

“A professional horologist from Great Britain assisted with information on the clock mechanisms, but it is intended that the replacement work will be done by the Electric Time Company of Massachusetts, who made the most modern tower clock in Bermuda at the headquarters of Chubb Insurance on Pitts Bay Road,” added Mr Dias

“The Dockyard clocks are a major feature of the Great Eastern Storehouse and need to be see in a working condition.”

The original clock and one of the original dials are now on exhibit at the National Museum.