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Bermuda Fines Visitors $2,500 For Breaking Quarantine


[Updated] Two visitors to Bermuda have been fined $2,500 each in Court for breaking the requirements of the island’s Covid-19 Quarantine Order, as they attended a gathering prior to receiving the results of their arrival test.

The island — which has the highest ranking from the United States CDC which classifies Bermuda as ‘No Travel Health Notice: COVID-19 Risk is Very Low‘ – has strong testing requirements to enter, with visitors required to have a pre-entry test and then be re-tested once they arrive.

A Bermuda Government spokesperson said, “The public is advised that on 1st November 2020 two visitors to Bermuda broke the requirements of paragraph 12 of the Quarantine [COVID-19] [No. 3] Order 2020 [‘the Quarantine Order’].

“The individuals willfully broke their quarantine to attend a celebratory gathering, prior to receiving the results of arrival COVID-19 test as provided for under paragraphs 9 and 10 of the Quarantine Order. Both pleaded ‘guilty’ to the offense.

“The Crown asked for a fine of $3000 dollars to be paid by defendants who appeared in court today. The defendants stated they didn’t mingle with anyone during the gathering.

“Their COVID-19 test has since returned a ‘negative’ result. The court has made the decision to fine them $2500 dollars each or face 250 days in prison.”

Bermuda’s Minister of Health Kim Wilson said: “Although it is disappointing that two of our visitors broke their quarantine requirements this weekend, I commend the outcome of today’s court decision.

“The prosecution of these individuals demonstrates that Bermuda takes the protection of our borders and the health of our people extremely seriously. I greatly hope that further breaches will not occur and potential offenders are now dissuaded from such actions.”

Update 4.20pm: A police spokesperson said, “A 35- year-old male and a 38-year-old female this morning appeared in Magistrates’ Court charged with Breach of COVID regulations.

“The couple from Maryland in the United States arrived at L.F. Wade International Airport On Sunday 1st November and indicated they were here to attend a wedding.

“A Port Health nurse outlined the COVD-19 restrictions to them, informed them that they were required to take another COVID-19 test prior to leaving the airport and that they were to remain in quarantine at their hotel until they were informed of their test results by the Health Department.

“It was explained to them that the test results would come back between 10 – 24 hours.

“Later that day, Health officials conducted an enquiry at the hotel where the couple were staying. It was ascertained that they had left to attend a wedding in St Georges.

“Health officials visited the location where the wedding was held and observed the couple mingling with other persons. They were not wearing masks at the time and were informed they had breached the quarantine restrictions set out by the Government of Bermuda.

“Arrangements were made for them to be returned to quarantine.

“They were subsequently arrested and detained at Hamilton Police Station after their test results came back negative.

“When they appeared in Magsitrates’ Court this morning, the couple pleaded guilty to breach of quarantine regulations and were each fined $2,500.”