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Aquarium Seal ‘Charlotte’ Passes Away


The Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo [BAMZ] and Bermuda Zoological Society [BZS] said they are “sad to report the passing of our much loved and oldest seal Charlotte.”

“Born in 1983, at the Huntsman Marine Lab of New Brunswick, Canada, she was the mother to two of our seals: Calico and Ariel,” BAMZ said.

“At the venerable age of 35, Charlotte was already beyond Harbor seal lifespan of approximately 25-30 years when she began to show signs of illness.

“BAMZ staff actively treated her for several weeks before deciding to stop and keep her comfortable. She was active, eating small amounts and loved back and belly rubs from her keepers right up until the end.”

“In the early hours of Thursday, 23rd August she passed away peacefully in the seal habitat, surrounded by her daughters. An examination was conducted, and it was determined that she died of complications from cancer.”